The Bluewater Billionaires swing by for a visit...

Luna: Cam, Emily and Daisy just dragged me out of bed...where I was with Beck, I might add...because they haven't seen me in 72 hours and were worried.

Daisy: Big Dick Beck is convincing. But isn't Drag Queen Brunch more convincing? Does Beck have blood-orange mimosas?

Luna: No, but he has a mind-blowing way with his--

Emily: We don't need the readers to know everything. And for the record, Derek has the same way with his --

Cameron: So does Jude.

Daisy: So does my vibrator. *high-fives herself* And anyway, don't you have something you wanted to say to everyone?

Luna: Thank you for reading Wild Open Hearts and loving Beck and cheering for Penelope and the Lucky Dog crew and supporting Bluewater and lady billionaires and - *cries*

Cameron: Shhh. Moon don't cry.

Luna: I can't help it, you know that. My heart just feels happy and then tears shoot out of my eyes.

Daisy: While Moon is weeping into her blood-orange mimosa, allow all of us to say the same thing. Thanks for being awesome-sauce.

Emily: And for loving bad-ass scientists.

Cameron: And for sending in patent ideas for my tinker-projects.

Daisy: You are all fancy, fierce hippies and we love you. Now who wants to find your girl Daisy a boy-toy?

Luna: You say boy-toy...but I think true love is on your horizon.

Daisy: *laughs hysterically* *chugs her mimosa*

Emily: I'm calling it now. The next man you meet will be the one.

Cameron: I'll engineer a sex-swing for you both.

Daisy: You can engineer a sex-swing for me now.

Luna: Oh, Daisy. Sex-swings are always better with your soul mate.


P.S. Today is the last day you can grab WILD OPEN HEARTS at its release-week price of $3.99! Go one-click and enjoy!

Wild Open Hearts is live!

WILD OPEN HEARTS is live on Amazon and free in Kindle Unlimited! A hippie lady billionaire and a grumpy, bearded biker combust with opposites-attract romance!

It's time to go back to Bluewater, my friends! Luna and Beck (and all of their rescue dogs) are ready to make you laugh, swoon and fan yourself.

But first, check out these early reviews:

Beck is definitely one of my new favorite heroes and he and Luna together are utter perfection.Swooooon city, y’all. This story is classic Kathryn Nolan slow burn and sexual tension. – Courtney, Goodreads

I love [Beck and Luna’s] love! It’s beautiful, spontaneous, dirty and fun! They are a firecracker on the 4th of July. – Jenny, Goodreads

Some great comedic moments, all the heat that we expect from a KN book (hellooooo, first kiss!) and a shelter full of adorable rescue dogs (that had me tearing up right from the start) and this one just ticked all my boxes. – Bookish Stacy

I'll be wearing flower crowns and sipping green smoothies (and petting my rescue dog - Walter) all weekend to celebrate!

P.S. Wild Open Hearts landed at #16 in the entire Amazon store (and #1 in Billionaire Romance). Pretty sure you could hear me crying from space. This picture (and caption) on Instagram encapsulates my feelings. Thank you - the early love and support for the Bluewater Billionaires series has been so beautiful. We cannot thank you enough! And if you don't know who the Bluewater Billionaires are, click here.


Top 5 favorite lines from THE MOGUL AND THE MUSCLE

I've got just the thing to spice up your week - a romantic comedy with a brilliant, fierce lady billionaire and her protective, growly bodyguard. Sound like your romance-novel-jam?

YAY! I'm talking, of course, about Claire Kingsley's THE MOGUL AND THE MUSCLE which is live on Amazon (and free in Kindle Unlimited!)

There are few things I love more in life than growly bodyguards and smart-as-hell you can imagine I was heart-exploding all over the place with Cameron and Jude. Behold: a non-exhaustive list of my favorite lines/snippets:

1. I finished my dinner alone, feeling like a dumbass. This was not the first time I’d made a date awkward. Like that time I’d explained how to dismantle a bomb on a second date. Or when my date had asked me about places I’d traveled and I’d casually mentioned there were four or five countries where I was no longer welcome. It was times like this that I thought maybe I was kidding myself about the whole 'live an ordinary life' thing. I didn’t know if a guy like me could ever learn to be ordinary.

2. He had the widest shoulders I’d ever seen. And those cuffed shirtsleeves and tattoos? Holy arm porn. He looked like he could flex his biceps too hard and burst the seams of his shirt. But his size didn’t tell the whole story. Sure, his thick tattooed arms and the way his thighs strained against his slacks made him look like most of his body’s resources had gone into building muscle. But there was a sharp intelligence in those intriguing hazel eyes.

3. “Since no one but me is ever seeing the inside of my bedroom again, we can move on,” she said, closing the door.
“That brings up another question.” I cleared my throat. “Are you dating anyone?”
She tilted her head and the corner of her mouth lifted. “I don’t date employees.”
I held eye contact. “You haven’t hired me. And I don’t date clients."
“Touche,” she said. “Although if this was all an elaborate ploy to get in my pants, I’d have to give you points for creativity.”
“If this was an elaborate ploy to get in your pants, I’d already be in them.”
“You’re very confident in your abilities.”
“When it’s warranted.”

4. “And if you think you can tell me what to do, what to wear, where to go, with whom, or when, you’re mistaken.”
“And if you think I won’t stop you from doing things that put you in danger, you’re mistaken.”
Her eyes narrowed and her lips pressed together. Holy shit, this woman was sexy. The challenge in her eyes got my blood pumping in a way nothing had in a long time.
I just looked at her, keeping any expression off my features.
I could already tell Cameron Whitbury was going to be an enormous pain in my ass. But I’d always been a bit of a masochist.

5. Having Jude as a bodyguard was a lot like being followed around by a brick wall. If the brick wall smelled intensely masculine and seemed to possess the ability to melt into the background like a chameleon. How a man his size could move with so much grace and dexterity, and make people forget he was there, I had no idea.

THE MOGUL AND THE MUSCLE is the second book in the Bluewater Billionaires series I'm writing with Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley and Pippa Grant. These are interconnected, standalone romantic comedies about four female billionaire besties -- and the heroes who steal their hearts. So if you like your heroines smart, talented and bad-ass (and your heroes sexy-as-hell) then this series is for you!


This billionaire needs a bodyguard...

Claire Kingsley's The Mogul and the Muscle comes out THIS FRIDAY on 10-11...and Wild Open Hearts (by me!) releases 10-25. Luckily the heroines from both books -- Cameron and Luna -- stopped by to chat...

An interview with Cameron Whitbury 

Luna (*adjusts flower crown*): So what do you want to tell these gorgeous readers about, Cam? Your attempted-mugging? Or the time you tinkered with my blender and accidentally turned it into a literal rocket ship?

Cameron (*tosses her beautiful red hair*): It's not arocket ship. It just can...blend kale using one of the most powerful motors on the planet while being completely silent.

Luna: You need to patent this miracle-device. And we haven't even talked about what you've done for all of our vibrators. Every sex-toy-owning member of Bluewater has you to thank for their maximized orgasms.

Cameron: You're not wrong. Also, what are you pouring into that glass right now? That better be high-end liquor.

Luna: It's a kombucha-hemp blend. Good for total-body calm. Which I would need if I'd just been, you know, mugged.

Cameron: The guy only tried to grab my purse. And I put my stiletto-heel right through his fucking foot.

Luna: That's my girl. You get extra hemp for that. But also, did you tell these gorgeous readers that Derek, Emily's hot, semi-British boyfriend, has a hot security-guy-friend?

Cameron: As if I'd ever let someone control me or my schedule. Thank you, next.

Luna: Emily and Daisy agree with me.

Cameron: Emily is currently too sexed-up by Derek Price to make coherent decisions. Daisy's currently taking two European princes on a pleasure cruise to the Bermuda Triangle because she's always wanted to have sex in a time-vortex.

Luna: I've had sex in a time-vortex. You can thank that yoga instructor I was seeing last year.

Cameron: What was his name...Basil?

Luna: His name was Kale and don't you make fun.

Cameron: You need a boyfriend.

Luna:You need a bodyguard.

Cameron: Better idea: we treat ourselves to La Perla lingerie at the mall.

Luna: I'll grab my wallet.

(Click here to preorder The Mogul and the Muscle — and meet Cameron and her swoony, protective bodyguard.)

ecvoer Mogul (1).jpg

My favorite lines from Lucy Score's The Price of Scandal (Bluewater #1)

THE PRICE OF SCANDAL by Lucy Score is officially in the wild (meaning it's live on Amazon and free in KU!)

THE PRICE OF SCANDAL is the first book in the Bluewater Billionaires series I'm writing with Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley and Pippa Grant. These are interconnected, standalone romantic comedies about four female billionaire besties -- and the heroes who steal their hearts. So if you like your heroines smart, talented and bad-ass (and your heroes sexy-as-hell) then this series is for you!

ecover Scandal.jpg

I crushed hard on Emily and Derek when I got early eyes on this sparkly romantic comedy. So I just looked back through my track changes and grabbed a handful of lines/snippets where I'd commented things like "#aroused" "cuuuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee" and also "oh my god get at me" <----- I'm an extremely professional beta reader obviously.

So here they are! (But this is not an exhaustive list by any means)

His signature was bold, confident. Just like the man it belonged to. It irked me. Just like the man it belonged to.

“Do you still steal?”
A smile flickered across his face.
“Only when absolutely necessary,” he said, slipping a hand into his suit jacket.
Oh God. “Is that my father’s…”
“Wallet. Yes. It seems he left it behind. Pity.”

She awarded me a smile and not one of the toned-down, proper ones. This was a light-up-her-lovely-face grin. Wow. Was that an angels’ chorus I was hearing?

The limo made it to the front of the line, and we were expelled onto a rich, gold carpet lined with society photographers and gossip bloggers. Emily stunned in the sleek, black dress. I kept my hand at the small of her back longer than necessary. Long enough for a few of the more canny press to ask if we were here together professionally or personally. Emily locked eyes with me, allowing a secretive smile to light up her face. “Mr. Price and I are good friends. We enjoy spending time together,” she said, her fingers landing lightly on my lapel. The camera flashes exploded in a show of fireworks.
It wasn’t an ass grab. It was a classier kind of possession. (<---- this line killed me dead)

Three Questions with Kelsey Kingsley!

In which I get to interview my wifey/X-Files Twin and romance author Kelsey freaking Kingsley!i

1.      Do you have a favorite non-romance book? (You don’t have to choose just one…)

Okay, here’s the thing: I didn’t start reading straight-up romance until about, oh, four years ago, I think it was? So, that’s thirty years or so of reading books that weren’t very romantic at all. But what’s funny is, a few of my most favorite books ever have a very romantic vibe to them. Like Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. That is one of my all-time favorite books, and even while it is creepy, it’s also super romantic (and a serious tear-jerker, too). Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz is another one. Another edge-of-your-seat creepy book, but the love story there is so swoon-worthy, I die every time I read it.

2.      Do you have a favorite character that you’ve ever written?

OMG, Sebastian Moore (who is in a few books but stars in The Life We Wanted). Hands down. There’s something so amazing about writing a character with zero filters. When I’m writing his dialogue, whatever pops into my head first is exactly what goes down on the page. I don’t edit, I don’t try to “perfect” it. Whatever I type first is what stays there. It makes him probably my most authentic character and also the most fun (for me).

3.      What does your writing process look like? Are you a morning or evening writer? Do you have to have anything *with* you to write? (Like coffee, tea, wine…)

My writing process is…chaotic. I used to try to outline or at least have somewhat of a plan, but my characters take on their own personalities too much for me to stick with it much. So, I typically go into it knowing what the basic beginning, middle, and end is going to be, and I fill in the blanks from there. I’m definitely a night writer. Like I’m talking, middle of the night, 3am, most people are asleep type of night writer. I don’t like to have any distractions and that seems to be the time to do it. Also! I need water and music in order to write. And my cat. I always need my cat. Not because she provides inspiration or anything. She’s just fluffy and cute and keeps me from wanting to break things when my characters misbehave.

Click here to check out Kelsey’s newest release FORGET THE STARS (free in Kindle Unlimited!) And if you want a peek into her author life follow her on Instagram here.

WILD OPEN HEARTS coming 10/25!

Wild ecover.jpg

Wild Open Hearts

A Bluewater Billionaires Romantic Comedy

Release: 10/25
Cover designer: Kari March Designs

WILD OPEN HEARTS is the third book in the Bluewater Billionaires series - four interconnected, standalone romantic comedies brought to you by Lucy ScoreClaire KingsleyKathryn Nolan and Pippa Grant.


“I’ve heard that boys with motorcycles have less-than-noble intentions.”

“Not a boy,” Beck said. “And you heard right.”

Luna da Rosa is America’s Vegan Best Friend. The self-made billionaire is a flower-crowned hippie whose Instagram feed is as popular as Wild Heart - her vegan makeup company. When she’s not changing the cosmetics industry, she’s dazzling her online fans with kombucha recipes. Until Wild Heart is caught in a scandal – destroying her reputation as a cheerful do-gooder.

Beck Mason is the prodigal son of Miami’s most notorious biker gang. But Beck left his criminal family to start Lucky Dog, rescuing dogs who need the most help. Except the surly ex-outlaw never realized leading a struggling nonprofit with a ragtag crew would be so damn hard. They’re in dire need of cash – and fast.

Luna believes working at Lucky Dog will fix her image problem and get Beck the money he needs. It’s a win-win, right? Except Beck doesn’t like the sunny, free-spirited…okay beautiful…billionaire. He sure as hell doesn’t trust Luna not to use him just to make herself look good.

Sure – Beck’s grumpy, stubborn pride and meat-eating ways irritate Luna. Even though Beck’s big-heart-and-big-beard-combo is dangerously sexy. And they really shouldn’t have shared The Kiss to End All Kisses on the back of his motorcycle one night…

But as the bohemian billionaire and the burly biker give into their electrifying attraction – will their differences keep them apart? Or will they finally learn to trust their wild hearts?

Author’s Note: Big, grumpy, bearded hero. Happy-go-lucky, hippie heroine. Snarky banter. Opposites that don’t so much attract as combust. Motorcycle sex. Steamy Miami nights. Four lady billionaire best friends. All the rescue dogs. Major heart-feels.

Bluewater Billionaires: A Romantic Comedy Series Coming Fall 2019


Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley, Kathryn Nolan and Pippa Grant are bringing you a series of interconnected, standalone romantic comedies.

Genius. Mogul. Philanthropist. Heiress.

Don’t call her bossy. You can call her the boss. Welcome to Bluewater.


Emily has a billion-dollar deal that’s falling apart and a naked stranger in her bathtub who says he can make all her problems disappear in Lucy Score’s The Price of Scandal. (Release date: 9/27)

 Cameron is reluctantly saddled with an overprotective bodyguard in Claire Kingsley’s The Mogul and the Muscle. (Release date: 10/11)

Luna loses the public’s adoration after a corporate scandal and there’s only one man—a big, bearded, dog-rescuing biker—who can help her save it all in Kathryn Nolan’s Wild Open Hearts. (Release date: 10/25)

Nightlife-loving Daisy is forced into the mom life when she inherits a baby… and the baby’s other broody, serious, sexy guardian in Pippa Grant’s Crazy for Loving You. (Release date: 11/8)

Hot August recommendations!

Enjoy some of my hot recommendations from August (goodbye summer! *sobs*) and hang tight for next week's book news! <—— got your attention, didn’t I? cough cough BLUEWATER BILLIONAIRES cough cough

So while you’re sipping those early pumpkin spice lattes, lemme share my recommendations from August!


This month I was captivated as hell by the first two books in Sierra Simone's new Thornchapel series: A LESSON IN THORNS and FEAST OF SPARKS. Think lush, poetic, dark, kinky fairy-tale set in a dreary, historic, romantic manor in the English countryside. There's also group sex, a murder mystery, lore, Biblical stories and librarian-love. If you love a poetic story with your kink, I highly recommend these.


I read a lot of different genre fiction and I'm a huge fan of suspenseful thrillers. I devoured THE HUNTING PARTY in two days - old college friends get trapped in a lodge in Scotland...and one of them ends up murdered. A fun little pschological read that was definitely creepy and intriguing.


Since I have a young and extremely active dog/coyote, I spend a lot of time walking Walter around the Philly streets. Audiobooks are my new jam for that very reason! Right now I'm loving:

WE SET THE DARK ON FIRE: Romantic fantasy, rebels, spies, political intrigue. If you're a fan of The Handmaid's Tale, you'll enjoy this one.

TWO WEDDING CRASHERS: How come no one told me Meghan Quinn's books were so damn delightful? This is my first of hers and it is adorable, quirky, funny, hot AF and the slow-burn sexual tension is delicious. I've heard the whole Dating By Numbers series is a treat!