I'm an adventurous hippie chick that loves to write steamy romance. My specialty is slow-burn sexual tension (aka "The Goddess"), with plenty of witty dialogue and tons of heart. 

I started my writing career in elementary school, writing about Star Wars and Harry Potter and inventing love stories in my journals.

I blame my obsession with slow-burn on my similar obsession for The X-Files. 

I'm a born-and-raised Philly girl, but left for Northern California right after college, where I met my adorably-bearded husband. After living there for eight years, we decided to embark on an epic, six-month road trip, traveling across the country with our little van, Van Morrison. Eighteen states and 17,000 miles later, we're back in my hometown of Philadelphia for a bit...but I know the next adventure is just around the corner.

When I'm not spending the (early) mornings writing steamy love scenes with a strong cup of coffee, you can find me outdoors -- hiking, camping, traveling, yoga-ing.