Coming on Friday, May 11th: LANDSLIDE

For those readers that enjoyed BOHEMIAN, you know that Gabe and Josie are two characters you meet in that book. Gabe: the sexy, bearded, bartender-with-a-man bun, who runs Big Sur's only bar where the locals can drink in peace and avoid the tourists. And Josie: the bad-ass, tattooed makeup artist (and Lucia's best friend). They flirt (and maybe more) in BOHEMIAN, and I liked them so much, I decide to write a whole book about 'em. 

So I give you....LANDSLIDE. Coming Friday, May 11th and early feedback from my ARC readers has been spectacular. Filled with Big Sur's funky, quirky characters, it's also got a fair amount of searingly-hot sex, snappy banter, a heroine you'll root for and a hero you'll be swooning over. All set against the backdrop of Big Sur's epic beauty. 


There ought to be a law that Gabe Shaw – hippie lumberjack, Viking with a man bun – should never be allowed to hold tiny infants against his broad, muscular chest.

Celebrity makeup artist Josie Torres has three rules when it comes to men: No spending the night. No second dates. No falling in love. Her rules protect her still-healing heart and leave Josie free to chase her true love: the electric nights of Los Angeles.

But when she arrives in funky, bohemian Big Sur for a photo shoot, those rules are no match for the small town’s sexy bar owner.

Gabe Shaw has a good life in Big Sur. Surrounded by family and friends, he’s the third-generation-owner of The Bar, the only place where quirky locals can escape the tourists and drink in peace. He’s in love with his hometown and its verdant beauty, but he still yearns for one thing: his soul mate.

After one night of searing passion, Josie intends to run... like she always does. But a storm as strong as their attraction unleashes on Big Sur, leaving her trapped.

Gabe has the funniest feeling he’s found what he was missing. But it’s only been a week – and the last person that made Josie feel this much destroyed her world.

She can’t—she won’t—make the sacrifices Gabe is asking her to make.