The Bluewater Billionaires swing by for a visit...

Luna: Cam, Emily and Daisy just dragged me out of bed...where I was with Beck, I might add...because they haven't seen me in 72 hours and were worried.

Daisy: Big Dick Beck is convincing. But isn't Drag Queen Brunch more convincing? Does Beck have blood-orange mimosas?

Luna: No, but he has a mind-blowing way with his--

Emily: We don't need the readers to know everything. And for the record, Derek has the same way with his --

Cameron: So does Jude.

Daisy: So does my vibrator. *high-fives herself* And anyway, don't you have something you wanted to say to everyone?

Luna: Thank you for reading Wild Open Hearts and loving Beck and cheering for Penelope and the Lucky Dog crew and supporting Bluewater and lady billionaires and - *cries*

Cameron: Shhh. Moon don't cry.

Luna: I can't help it, you know that. My heart just feels happy and then tears shoot out of my eyes.

Daisy: While Moon is weeping into her blood-orange mimosa, allow all of us to say the same thing. Thanks for being awesome-sauce.

Emily: And for loving bad-ass scientists.

Cameron: And for sending in patent ideas for my tinker-projects.

Daisy: You are all fancy, fierce hippies and we love you. Now who wants to find your girl Daisy a boy-toy?

Luna: You say boy-toy...but I think true love is on your horizon.

Daisy: *laughs hysterically* *chugs her mimosa*

Emily: I'm calling it now. The next man you meet will be the one.

Cameron: I'll engineer a sex-swing for you both.

Daisy: You can engineer a sex-swing for me now.

Luna: Oh, Daisy. Sex-swings are always better with your soul mate.


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