Three Questions with Kelsey Kingsley!

In which I get to interview my wifey/X-Files Twin and romance author Kelsey freaking Kingsley!i

1.      Do you have a favorite non-romance book? (You don’t have to choose just one…)

Okay, here’s the thing: I didn’t start reading straight-up romance until about, oh, four years ago, I think it was? So, that’s thirty years or so of reading books that weren’t very romantic at all. But what’s funny is, a few of my most favorite books ever have a very romantic vibe to them. Like Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. That is one of my all-time favorite books, and even while it is creepy, it’s also super romantic (and a serious tear-jerker, too). Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz is another one. Another edge-of-your-seat creepy book, but the love story there is so swoon-worthy, I die every time I read it.

2.      Do you have a favorite character that you’ve ever written?

OMG, Sebastian Moore (who is in a few books but stars in The Life We Wanted). Hands down. There’s something so amazing about writing a character with zero filters. When I’m writing his dialogue, whatever pops into my head first is exactly what goes down on the page. I don’t edit, I don’t try to “perfect” it. Whatever I type first is what stays there. It makes him probably my most authentic character and also the most fun (for me).

3.      What does your writing process look like? Are you a morning or evening writer? Do you have to have anything *with* you to write? (Like coffee, tea, wine…)

My writing process is…chaotic. I used to try to outline or at least have somewhat of a plan, but my characters take on their own personalities too much for me to stick with it much. So, I typically go into it knowing what the basic beginning, middle, and end is going to be, and I fill in the blanks from there. I’m definitely a night writer. Like I’m talking, middle of the night, 3am, most people are asleep type of night writer. I don’t like to have any distractions and that seems to be the time to do it. Also! I need water and music in order to write. And my cat. I always need my cat. Not because she provides inspiration or anything. She’s just fluffy and cute and keeps me from wanting to break things when my characters misbehave.

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