Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley, Kathryn Nolan and Pippa Grant are bringing you a series of interconnected, standalone romantic comedies.

Genius. Mogul. Philanthropist. Heiress.

Don’t call her bossy. You can call her the boss. Welcome to Bluewater.


Emily has a billion-dollar deal that’s falling apart and a naked stranger in her bathtub who says he can make all her problems disappear in Lucy Score’s The Price of Scandal. (Release date: 9/27)

 Cameron is reluctantly saddled with an overprotective bodyguard in Claire Kingsley’s The Mogul and the Muscle. (Release date: 10/11)

Luna loses the public’s adoration after a corporate scandal and there’s only one man—a big, bearded, dog-rescuing biker—who can help her save it all in Kathryn Nolan’s Wild Open Hearts. (Release date: 10/25)

Nightlife-loving Daisy is forced into the mom life when she inherits a baby… and the baby’s other broody, serious, sexy guardian in Pippa Grant’s Crazy for Loving You. (Release date: 11/8)