This billionaire needs a bodyguard...

Claire Kingsley's The Mogul and the Muscle comes out THIS FRIDAY on 10-11...and Wild Open Hearts (by me!) releases 10-25. Luckily the heroines from both books -- Cameron and Luna -- stopped by to chat...

An interview with Cameron Whitbury 

Luna (*adjusts flower crown*): So what do you want to tell these gorgeous readers about, Cam? Your attempted-mugging? Or the time you tinkered with my blender and accidentally turned it into a literal rocket ship?

Cameron (*tosses her beautiful red hair*): It's not arocket ship. It just can...blend kale using one of the most powerful motors on the planet while being completely silent.

Luna: You need to patent this miracle-device. And we haven't even talked about what you've done for all of our vibrators. Every sex-toy-owning member of Bluewater has you to thank for their maximized orgasms.

Cameron: You're not wrong. Also, what are you pouring into that glass right now? That better be high-end liquor.

Luna: It's a kombucha-hemp blend. Good for total-body calm. Which I would need if I'd just been, you know, mugged.

Cameron: The guy only tried to grab my purse. And I put my stiletto-heel right through his fucking foot.

Luna: That's my girl. You get extra hemp for that. But also, did you tell these gorgeous readers that Derek, Emily's hot, semi-British boyfriend, has a hot security-guy-friend?

Cameron: As if I'd ever let someone control me or my schedule. Thank you, next.

Luna: Emily and Daisy agree with me.

Cameron: Emily is currently too sexed-up by Derek Price to make coherent decisions. Daisy's currently taking two European princes on a pleasure cruise to the Bermuda Triangle because she's always wanted to have sex in a time-vortex.

Luna: I've had sex in a time-vortex. You can thank that yoga instructor I was seeing last year.

Cameron: What was his name...Basil?

Luna: His name was Kale and don't you make fun.

Cameron: You need a boyfriend.

Luna:You need a bodyguard.

Cameron: Better idea: we treat ourselves to La Perla lingerie at the mall.

Luna: I'll grab my wallet.

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