Top 5 favorite lines from THE MOGUL AND THE MUSCLE

I've got just the thing to spice up your week - a romantic comedy with a brilliant, fierce lady billionaire and her protective, growly bodyguard. Sound like your romance-novel-jam?

YAY! I'm talking, of course, about Claire Kingsley's THE MOGUL AND THE MUSCLE which is live on Amazon (and free in Kindle Unlimited!)

There are few things I love more in life than growly bodyguards and smart-as-hell you can imagine I was heart-exploding all over the place with Cameron and Jude. Behold: a non-exhaustive list of my favorite lines/snippets:

1. I finished my dinner alone, feeling like a dumbass. This was not the first time I’d made a date awkward. Like that time I’d explained how to dismantle a bomb on a second date. Or when my date had asked me about places I’d traveled and I’d casually mentioned there were four or five countries where I was no longer welcome. It was times like this that I thought maybe I was kidding myself about the whole 'live an ordinary life' thing. I didn’t know if a guy like me could ever learn to be ordinary.

2. He had the widest shoulders I’d ever seen. And those cuffed shirtsleeves and tattoos? Holy arm porn. He looked like he could flex his biceps too hard and burst the seams of his shirt. But his size didn’t tell the whole story. Sure, his thick tattooed arms and the way his thighs strained against his slacks made him look like most of his body’s resources had gone into building muscle. But there was a sharp intelligence in those intriguing hazel eyes.

3. “Since no one but me is ever seeing the inside of my bedroom again, we can move on,” she said, closing the door.
“That brings up another question.” I cleared my throat. “Are you dating anyone?”
She tilted her head and the corner of her mouth lifted. “I don’t date employees.”
I held eye contact. “You haven’t hired me. And I don’t date clients."
“Touche,” she said. “Although if this was all an elaborate ploy to get in my pants, I’d have to give you points for creativity.”
“If this was an elaborate ploy to get in your pants, I’d already be in them.”
“You’re very confident in your abilities.”
“When it’s warranted.”

4. “And if you think you can tell me what to do, what to wear, where to go, with whom, or when, you’re mistaken.”
“And if you think I won’t stop you from doing things that put you in danger, you’re mistaken.”
Her eyes narrowed and her lips pressed together. Holy shit, this woman was sexy. The challenge in her eyes got my blood pumping in a way nothing had in a long time.
I just looked at her, keeping any expression off my features.
I could already tell Cameron Whitbury was going to be an enormous pain in my ass. But I’d always been a bit of a masochist.

5. Having Jude as a bodyguard was a lot like being followed around by a brick wall. If the brick wall smelled intensely masculine and seemed to possess the ability to melt into the background like a chameleon. How a man his size could move with so much grace and dexterity, and make people forget he was there, I had no idea.

THE MOGUL AND THE MUSCLE is the second book in the Bluewater Billionaires series I'm writing with Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley and Pippa Grant. These are interconnected, standalone romantic comedies about four female billionaire besties -- and the heroes who steal their hearts. So if you like your heroines smart, talented and bad-ass (and your heroes sexy-as-hell) then this series is for you!